In Foster to adopt

Staffy Mix


Armani is easy going and such a people dog. He is a middle age fellow with a perfect energy level. He is good with other dogs both male and female. He walks with an adorable bounce in his step.


Bully Mix


Kobe is a very submissive fellow that really just melts into your lap. He came in to the rescue with severe neglect and is learning to build his confidence back up.


Boxer Mix

Cuddle monster
extraordinare and
wonderful with all
people. He is a
perfect companion
with an easy going
personality. He is
only 6 moths old.


Bulldog Mix


King is happiness in motion. He is great with all people and other dogs and will be an amazing in a family.


Curr Mix


Pooh is a sweet senior gentleman who loves everyone and other dogs. He is a calm easy going fellow just looking forward to his retirement years!


Bulldog Mix 


Sadie loves her people and is a great cuddler and loyal companion.  She is good with other dogs. She would do best in a home with kids 10 and up.


Lab Mix

Ralph is a happy easy going senior who was surrendered with Angel. He is the sweetest soul and is magnificent with all! 


PitBull Mix


Freddy is a happy go lucky fellow! He is  2/3 years old and loves to play and such a cuddler.  He is beautiful and kust as sweet.


Pittie Mix


This sweet gal  is 8 years old and the best of both worlds! She loves to snuggle and cuddle and play ball! she would do best as the only pet in the house. 


Bulldog Mix


Pugsley is a
loving happy boy.
He is good with
other dogs and most everyone he meets. He has a great personality and loves to cuddle. He is really a dog that craves companionship.


Bully Mix

What a doll she is! She is submissive and extremely sweet with all the staff. She really makes your heart melt, the ultimate cuddle companion. She is calm and prefers her play mates to be easy going like her.


Bully Mix

This fellow is about 1 year old and is the happiest guy. He is an easily loveable dog. He gets along with females and loves to play. 


Bulldog Mix


This fellow is so adorable and happy. He is about 2 years old. He gets along fabulously with other dogs, cats, and kids. 


Mix Breed

Adult Male 

Lexington is playful and oh so sweet. He is a happy fellow with the cutest little ears. He would do great in a home with a yard to runand play.


BullyDog Mix


Reef is about a year old is incredibly sweet and loves  people, especially kids. He is great to take out to social events.


Bulldog Mix

Sassy is a cuddler and good with other calm male dogs. She is good with older children and okay with cats with proper introductions. She likes some men and others she has some fear so she will need patience when it comes to that in the home.


Hound Mix

Young Female

Kayla is a super sweet
lovey that loves to
give kisses! She is
just under a year old
and looking for a
family to call her own.
She is great with other
dogs and kids.


Curr Mix

Male Medium

 Terry is about 5 years old. He is great with people all ages and other dogs. He has such an easy personality, and will be the perfect family dog.


Bull Dog Mix

Female Adult Rain came into rescue with what we think is her identical daughter Stormy. They are playful and very sweet.


Old English Mix


Ivory is an easy going girl about 7 who absolutely loves to play with other dogs and toys. She is the ultimate companion. She is the perfect size to spoon with you in bed!


Curr Mix

This gal has  the happiest face in town.Just a little thing at 35lbs. She is great with all people and has an amzing personality. She is great with other dogs and kids


Pocket Bully

Knox is a pint sized fellow that is good with older kids in a family. He is calm and easy going and a great snuggler.

Baby Jane & Blanche

 Bull Dog Mix

This pair was rescued together and they LOVE kids and people. They are great to adopt as a pair. No cats, no other dogs.


German Shepherd

She is an amazing companion dog great with people of all sizes including young children. She needs a slow introduction to other dogs in the home and then is friends.



Curr Pitty Mix


Maizy is a lovely beautiful girl. She is shy and needs a home that can help her gain confidence. She is good with cats and other dogs! Just a big love. 


What is not to love about this guy!  He is a perfect house guest and great on a leash. He knows tricks and is like a little man in a dog's body. He needs to be an only dog but he is so easy to love!


Senior Female

Kanga is the happiest gal and wonderful with all people. She likes all other dogs with easy going personalities.


Bulldog Mix

Adult Female

Loving, cuddle monster. She would be a great companion dog as she really just wants to be close to her people. She smiles!

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Pit Bull Terrier

Adult  Male  Medium

Mason is such a lovable chonk! He is looking for a new home as he does not get along with the family's cats. Other than that, he is absolutely amazing! Does well with dogs of all sizes.



Adult  Male  Large

Handsome boy surrendered to us because his family sold their home and could no longer keep him. He was living with a toy poodle and raised with children.


American Bulldog

Adult  Male  Medium  White / Cream

Is good with children and prefers a home without other dogs, cats, other animals.


Pit Bull Terrier & Labrador Retriever Mix 

Adult  Female  Large 

Red/Chestnut/Orange, White/Cream

GORGEOUS Summer needs a foster or adopter to step up for her! She is just stunning and sweet as pie. She LOVES water and had a blast playing in the hose/water bowl. She plays fetch and is just a happy girl! Please reach out if you can help with Summer!


Pit Bull Terrier & American Bulldog Mix 

Adult  Female  Medium  Red/Chestnut/Orange, White/Cream

Adorable Sammy-Jo just landed in foster care and is loving all of the TLC she is getting! She is just a doll and everyone who meets her immediately falls in love. We're excited to learn more about her in the next few days.


Pit Bull Terrier Mix 

Adult  Male  Medium  Gray / Blue / Silver

Beckett is a GOOD boy! He is just all around amazing! He is good with other dogs, housebroken and so sweet. He is gentle and mannerly and loves to play fetch. He is housebroken and enjoys naps on the couch!


Pit Bull Terrier

Adult  Male  Medium  Black, White/Cream

Sweet Cash is in need of a foster or adopter. He is very nervous at the shelter and is looking for a quiet, safe place to learn how to be a confident dog. He was not reactive towards other dogs/cats when walked by their kennels.


Pit Bull Terrier & Labrador Retriever Mix 

Adult  Female  Large

She has an amazing color and stunning eyes! Her foster mom is working on helping her lose a few pounds to be closer to her target weight. She rides well in the car and seems to have house manners. She gets along with other dogs and loves to snuggle on the couch.


Pit Bull Terrier Mix 

Adult  Female  Medium  White/Cream, Yellow/Tan/Blond/Fawn

Adorable Daphne here! Daphne is such a cute, compact, beautiful gal! She is around 40lbs and super sweet! She is in a foster home with young children and doing well. She's ready for her forever!


 Pit Bull Terrier 

Adult  Female  Medium  Gray/Blue/Silver, White/Cream

Sweet little Ginny has had a rough past. She is severely underweight and has just undergone heartworm treatment. Regardless of all of that, she is still just a doll. She is a little low rider and is shy. She enjoys watching movies with her foster mom and going for short, easy walks. She has mastered housebreaking very quickly and does well in the house! She is loving life at her foster home, but would really love a home of her own to continue her journey to her best self!


Pit Bull Terrier & Labrador Retriever Mix 

Adult  Female  Medium  Merle (Red)

Hazel and her brother Beau have had a rough past. They are new to foster care and are receiving lots of TLC! They are great with children and do well in the house. They would love to be adopted together!


Pit Bull Terrier & Labrador Retriever Mix 

Adult  Male  Medium

Beau has had a severely neglected past, but he is now living the good life in foster care! He and his sister (Hazel) were severely underweight and in rough shape when they came into rescue. They are putting on weight and just adorable. They would love to go to a home together.


Pit Bull Terrier

Adult  Male  Medium 

Gray/Blue/Silver, White/Cream

Handsome Barry is a middle-aged guy (4-6yrs) that is just stunning! He appears to be housebroken and is quite the gentleman. His foster reports that he is not a barker and is quite the love! He is not in a home with other dogs, so his compatibility is unknown.


 Pit Bull Terrier & Jack Russell Terrier Mix 

Young  Female  Medium  Gray/Blue/Silver, White/Cream

Paisley is the life of the party! She is listed as a jack Russell/pittie mix, and we can see the jack Russell in her playful antics! She is a petite low rider about 40lbs and is so much fun! She loves to run and play and would do well with another high energy dog. She is too intense for cats, so a home without them is needed!


Boxer & Pit Bull Terrier Mix 

Young  Female  Medium  Red/Chestnut/Orange, White/Cream

Beautiful Maple is going to foster soon! What we know about her so far is that she is adorable, playful, and ready to find her forever . She is about 45lbs and was non-reactive to the other dogs in the play yard next to her.

Benjamin Beans

American Staffordshire Terrier

Meet Benjamin Beans AKA Bennie Beans! He's nothing short of amazing! At 63lbs of wonderful chonk, Benjamin Beans will win you over with not only his good looks, but also with his impeccable manners. Bennie knows how to sit, shake, lay down and stay! He's housebroken and would be fine as the only dog, or with a laid back dog his size. He's a little too much for cats, so he will need a home with no feline residents.


Pit Bull Terrier 

Adult  Male  Medium 


Meet Cowboy! As you can see, he's had a traumatic past. Cowboy doesn't let that slow him down! He's full of kisses and seems to adore children and other dogs. His recent facial trauma has caused permanent damage to one eye and many scars along his face. He can still see, but is a little jumpy as he cannot see well out of his injured eye. He is settling well into his foster home where his foster mom has all good things to say about him. If you feel like you can be the family Cowboy is looking for, please reach out!


Pit Bull Terrier

Adult  Female  Medium  White/Cream


Boxer & Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Sakura is a beautiful gal who has it all! Has been great with dogs, cats and children in her foster home!


Catahoula Leopard Dog & Pit Bull Terrier Mix

This handsome guy is doing great in foster care! Seems to do well with slow, proper introductions with other dogs as well. Crate trained and housebroken.


Labrador Retriever & Weimaraner Mix 

Young  Female  Large  Gray/Blue/Silver

Gorgeous Charlotte is just as sweet as she is beautiful! She loves to cuddle and give hugs. She has recovered from demodex and her coat is just gorgeous.


American Bully & Pit Bull Terrier Mix

White/Cream, Yellow/Tan/Blond/Fawn

Ally will be your forever friend and partner in crime. She is house trained, crate trained, walks great on a leash, and fresh off her manners classes so she is a prim and proper girl. Cats and small dogs are a no, dogs her size are okay. She is 2 years old and ready to chill with you. She is a lower energy low rider looking for her forever.


Pit Bull Terrier 

Adult  Female  Medium  Gray/Blue/Silver

Misha does well in homes with other dogs, cats,and other animals.


 American Staffordshire Terrier 

Adult  Male  Medium  Brindle, White/Cream

Jasper is an owner surrender due to his family stating they no longer had time for him. We need a foster or foster-to-adopt to step up for him ASAP! He would do best as the only dog or with a calm, easy going pup. His previous owner marked his form as Jasper being housebroken and good with kids! Please reach out if you can help with this handsome chonk!


Pit Bull Terrier & Boxer Mix

Young  Male  Medium  Brindle, White/Cream

Diesel needs a foster or foster-to-adopt ASAP! He needs out of the shelter so we can get to know more about him. Please reach out if you can help with this handsome face!


Labrador Retriever & Pit Bull Terrier Mix 

Senior  Female  Medium  Black, White/Cream

Ada is currently in a temporary foster home and is looking for a more long term place, whether that is a committed foster or adopter. She is estimated to be about 7 years old, but still loves to go for walks and play. She does well with other dogs, but has not been around cats or children as of yet. Ada deserves a place where she can relax and be loved. Please reach out if you can help with Ada!


Pit Bull Terrier 

Adult  Male  Medium  Brown/Chocolate

Talk about handsome! Commander has it all - dashing good looks and manners! His foster family reports he is great with other dogs and kids, is housebroken and enjoys hanging out on the couch catching up on his favorite tv shows. He loves being with his people, and is ready to find some to call his own forever!


Pit Bull Terrier 

Adult  Male  Medium  Black, White/Cream

Loving, cuddle monster. Loves all people. Can be fearful of some dogs.


Pit Bull Terrier Mix 

Adult  Male  Medium  Black, White/Cream

Emmerson would be a great companion for a home with other dogs, children, and other animals.


Pit Bull Terrier & Doberman Pinscher Mix 

Storm is with a foster and doing great! She is available for adoption. She has the most amazing sweet gentle spirit one could ever ask for. She came to us severely malnourished and is thriving now with love and nutrition. She is heartworm positive but heartworm treatment is being provided by Polk County Bully Project. She sleeps with the fosters son and the best snuggle bunny.

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